Tuesday 14 August 2018
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World Tour on a Pocket Friendly Budget

World Tour on a Pocket Friendly Budget

Frequent travel lovers often worry about one and only thing. That is how to get money for their traveling. You can always rely on the internet to do some research on how to save some money while exploring new countries. But some people find this time consuming and boring. Here comes my article in handy to those. I am going to share some secret tips for budget friendly world tour that too without breaking all the funds in your bank.

Book Low Budget Flights

Always book low budget flights and add a loyalty program while reserving your seat in it. If you don’t have any problem with little space for your leg and good meal, then always go for the budget airline tickets.

If you have limited budget like 9-10 Euro for your Europe trip then go for the flights of Ryanair, Vueling and easyJet. Planning to go somewhere in Asia? Then my recommendations would be SpiceJet, Indigo or Air Asia. For trip to American cities go for the Southwest, JetBlue or Eminent airlines. Generally airports are situated at the farthest end of the city. Thus by booking a cheap flight you can cut the journey cost to travel to your hotel from the airport.

Also there are some sites which will compare all the prices of the flights and will definitely offer you some cheap rates.

Trial Jobs

While traveling to different places you have to be on leave from your permanent job. To maintain the expenses and to have some extra cash, you can always take up some trial jobs. If you have an American Bachelor Degree you can join the Peace Corps of that country.

You can also be a member of WWOOF which welcomes volunteer to associate with farms all around the world. Just dedicate few hours for the up gradation of the farms and you are done for the day!

You can also be a temporary crew on a luxury cruise or private yachts. Here the payment is more than any other trial jobs.

Affordable Accommodation

Sites like Hostelworld and Agoda compare all the Paying guest and hostel charges for you. If you are looking for vacation house or house sitters, then you can rely on sites like MindMyHouse, Carers, Airbnb or TrustedHouseSitters.

Sometimes different universities of Europe rent their vacant dorm rooms on a discounted price. So if you are planning to go anywhere near Europe, you can always try this facility out.

Cheap Communications

Always choose renting a share car or a bus ride for your entire trip to explore the city. As they are much cheaper than airplanes or cruise. You can choose your preferred seat or a car from sites like Megabus, or Bla Bla Car. Just make sure your license is valid even for international borders.

Off season is another way you can save some money for your trip. Just don’t be too choosy while discovering your dream destination. Just be simple and you can travel many places with meager amount of money.

Mike Thomas is a travel explorer, consultant and renowned blogger. He travels almost 10,000 miles every year to different corners of the world and shares his experience, adventures and stories in T- Holland Travel Guide for more than one year.