Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Travel Hacks for People Planning To Visit Thailand

Travel Hacks for People Planning To Visit Thailand

The beautiful country of Thailand is a temptation to many for a range of different reasons.

  1. The Scenery – The country of Thailand is known for it’s beauty, with places like Phuket, the Ao Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park, and the many beaches and beauty spots’ all over the country make for an amazing visual experience for anyone visiting this country.
  2. The People – Thai people are known for their hospitality & friendly nature, quick to familiarize themselves with tourists welcoming them into their environment & offering advice, a taste of the local cuisine, and companionship for the travelling tourist in many cases.
  3. The Food! – Thai food is some of the tastiest food you can eat, with everything from spicy beef & rice dishes to beef noodle soups, if you like healthy food that is rich in flavor Thailand is definitely worth considering as a holiday destination.
  4. Property Investment Opportunities! – Property in Thailand Can be purchased for very attractive pricing one resource in particular that many have found to be useful is Property Solutions Hua Hin which has a wealth of information for potential property investors.

Quick Tips & Travel Hacks for the Thailand Tourist

  • Wherever possible, befriend a local person OR have someone you know that already lives or has been to Thailand to give you advice. This is an important point because there are many things that the enterprising local population will try to sell you or get you to participate in that may not be the best option either financially or for other reasons (it pays to know an experienced visitor or resident of Thailand).
  • Meter Taxis – May seem like a minor issue but it is possible to save a not insignificant amount of money by taking meter taxis rather than the ones that congregate directly outside high traffic areas, like airports. (No one can blame people for earning money but the price difference between the two can be vast! Especially if travelling long distance!).
  • Explore The Countries’ Beautiful Heritage – There are a wealth of monuments that are both interesting and rich in history in the country of Thailand, some examples of such are Khao Yai National Park, The Grand Palace, & the many monuments in mainland Thailand, there is a lot to see for people interested in the countries’ heritage and beautiful architecture.
  • Take A Tuk-Tuk – One inexpensive and fantastic way to travel (especially in hot weather) is by Tuk-Tuk, which is a vehicle similar to a bicycle/scooter with a double seat and carriage with a roof on the back, they are surprisingly comfortable and enable you to explore Thailand with the wind in your hair and you won’t miss any of the countries beauty, also much cheaper than a Taxi!
  • Be Careful What You Purchase – There are an abundance of enterprising Thai locals offering a range of different merchandises, with items of all types available, however do remember the old saying “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!” just be sure to verify the authenticity of any branded items you may come across on your travels.
  • Everything Is Negotiable – When shopping, don’t be afraid to “haggle” or “negotiate on pricing”, you’ll find that this is commonplace in this part of the world and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings you can make with a simple, friendly negotiation on pricing.
  • Pack The Skincare – May seem obvious, but Thailand (especially in peak season) is a fiercely hot country, you should make good use of not only strong sun lotion with UV protection, but also after sun with aloe vera, it’s very very easy to catch a very bad sunburn in this intense heat.

Overall when visiting the beautiful country of Thailand it’s important to apply all the standard sensibilities including the ones described above & this should give you the best possible experience during your visit to this remarkable eastern paradise.

Mike Thomas is a travel explorer, consultant and renowned blogger. He travels almost 10,000 miles every year to different corners of the world and shares his experience, adventures and stories in T- Holland Travel Guide for more than one year.