Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Five Fabulous Wonders Of India

Five Fabulous Wonders Of India

India is one of the most natural and culturally rich countries in the South Asian region. It is not only religiously or culturally diverse, but it has huge geographic diversity also. From here many great civilization have been discovered and India have given great discoveries to the world also. With the recent increase in the number of tourist visiting this country, I am going to show you five fabulous wonders which will leave you spellbound with its beauty.

The Hill of Ladakh

A road trip or a bike trip to Ladakh is one of the most beautiful dreams of many travelers. One of the most visited and a magnificent hilly area in Ladakh is Gravity Hill. The main cause of attraction to this area is the magnetic field surrounding this Hill. Due to the presence of this field, it creates an optical illusion which makes the area gravity defying and results in leaving all the vehicles roll up in the roads.

Balancing Rock of Tamil Nadu

Can you balance a small piece of rock on a slippery surface? If the answer is no, then imagine the same situation with a big rock. This Balancing Rock is in Mahabalipuram of Tamil Nadu. It has started attracting many tourists towards itself which is standing on a slippery slope of a hill. Law of Gravity has failed to explain this phenomenon. Needless to say, many people have tried to push it down but have failed miserably.

Loner Crater Lake of Maharashtra

Have you ever wonder that where does this shooting stars or craters fall after touching the ground? If yes, then you can find your answer in Maharashtra. Loner Crater Lake is the third largest lake created by a crater and is also one of the oldest on the surface of the Earth. This lake is almost 50,000 years old and is ideal for all the selfie lovers.

Belum Caves in Andhra Pradesh

Belum Caves of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh has been the main spot of attraction for underground cave lovers. The cave system was built by the nature due its rough and destructive course flowing through it. Here you can witness the master of art of the nature and can see many airways, small ponds, waterways and many more.

Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, a small town in Meghalaya is the wettest place on earth due to its heavy amount of rainfall. Only here you can see the famous living root bridge of Ficus Elastica Tree which is the netting of tree roots covering an area of 3000 feet to cross the underneath water body.  It’s really beautiful to watch how Nature has done its architechture.

So these are some of the wonders which you must see while visiting India. Otherwise your tour will be completely incomplete!

Mike Thomas is a travel explorer, consultant and renowned blogger. He travels almost 10,000 miles every year to different corners of the world and shares his experience, adventures and stories in T- Holland Travel Guide for more than one year.