Thursday 21 March 2019
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Caving New Zealand: First Timer’s Guide

Caving New Zealand: First Timer’s Guide

For anyone looking for the ultimate adventure that falls outside the box of the normal thrilling activities you often hear about, then why not check out caving? And if you’re going to check out caving, then why not do so at one of the top places in the world to do so? Each your thousands of campervan rental new zealand travelers take to the roads in order to explore the plethora of incredible cave systems that exist all throughout the country. Some of the most incredible caving opportunities in the world are located here. Of course since you are a first time you will want to take some things into consideration such as where to go, what to take, and which precautions to follow.

Where To Go

You will definitely want to start with Waitomo Glowworm Caves. This is an absolute must. Just south of Auckland lie the world-famous glowworm caves which are unlike anything you have ever seen or will ever see again. Within these caves you will find black water and the glowworms that give the caves their name, lighting up the darkness in colorful patterns. You can take a boat tour through the caves, check out the incredible geysers that bubble up to the surface, and treat yourself to a soothing mud bath at the spa. A full day at the glowworm caves is highly recommended for anyone travelling in the Auckland area, and especially for first time cavers.

There are a great many other cave systems to explore all over the country in nearly every region. Make sure to map them out and plan out your route before you hit the road, and schedule enough time in each of the territories so that you can fully take them in and enjoy their wonders.

What To Take

Unlike with many other activities, caving gear is not generally sold or rented out at the mouth of the caves, especially if you will be going to more remote locations. For this reason you will want to pack along the proper equipment in your camper. Before setting make sure to fully research the needed gear, which includes headlamps, ropes, caving shoes, and other fully necessary items. It is always good to make a full checklist ahead of time and then double checking it before you set off on your campervan rental new zealand adventure. This way you won’t find yourself in some remote region ready to enter your destined cave and find you’re missing an important piece of equipment.

There are many sources for finding what equipment to bring, and it all comes down to the types of caves you will be exploring and what your method of exploration will be. Fortunately there are dozens of trustworthy caving blogs and forums for everyone from beginner’s to world class experts. Consult these forums and boards to make sure you have your basic list in order before you set off on your trip.

How To Stay Safe

Since this will be your first time doing subterranean exploring, safety will definitely be an issue. Ideally you will want to have an experienced caver along with you at least for the first several trips so that you can learn the ropes and have someone with experience at your side in case anything should go wrong. The basic rule is to never set out alone into a cave if you are not an expert caver, and the same goes for groups of inexperienced cavers as well. So if you can, bring along a pro who will be able to show you the ropes and keep you safe.

If you will not be traveling with a pro, then you should look for cave systems that offer guided tours. This is a great way to get underground and see if you enjoy the experience, and all within a safe environment with a trustworthy guide who knows about caving and has lots of information on the specific cave itself. As a matter of fact, most of the most famous caves in the country offer these guided tours, so you can see all the necessary caves with a guide helping you out. Never set off into a foreign cave with minimal experience.

The cave systems of New Zealand are unlike any other territory in the world, featuring a diverse range of cave styles, rock formations, and unbelievable depths. This is the absolute pinnacle of the caving community and there have been many thousands of travelers who have travelled to New Zealand from all over the world to experience them. For first time cave explorers, you will be starting out at the very top of the chain. If these cave systems don’t win you over then nothing will. Anyone in search of an original adventure for their campervan rental new zealand journey should definitely consider it.

Mike Thomas is a travel explorer, consultant and renowned blogger. He travels almost 10,000 miles every year to different corners of the world and shares his experience, adventures and stories in T- Holland Travel Guide for more than one year.