Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Attractive Johannesburg – Amazing Destination to Trip-On

Attractive Johannesburg – Amazing Destination to Trip-On

Johannesburg, the capital of Gauteng, is the largest South African city by population. In your round trip to South Africa, you have to pass through this city once. You can get connections of cheap flights to Durban, Cape Town from here.

Being a well developed city, there are various attractions for tourists like sports, architecture, art & entertainment, museum and more. Here in this article, I’ll tell you about some of the important places in Johannesburg.

Apartheid Museum

This museum is one of the main attractions of Johannesburg. This museum is mainly based on 20th century history. The implementation of apartheid system is the core theme of this museum. You can get audio tapes, documentary films, videos and picture books of their democratic struggle outside the museum.

Mary Fitzgerald Square

Mary Pickhandle Fitzgerald was the first lady trade unionist of South Africa. It was after her name that this place was named. This place is nothing but a big ground and many important events took place here among which Jazz Walk needs special mention.

Hillbrow Tower


There is a 40 year old 270m height dazzling tower in Johannesburg and it is known as Hillbrow Tower, the tallest structure in South Africa. The place is also known as grey land because the white and the black people live here together and that is why this tower is considered as the iconic tower.

One of the main attractions of Johannesburg is local foods. There are so many cafes and restaurants out there and they all have local chef to cook delicious and finger licking food for you.

Narina Trogon

Narina Tragon is a well-known restaurant for their food quality and service in Johannesburg. You will visit twice; you have to, because you’ll get the best food ever. Mainly they are specialized in grilled items. You can have sweet potato curry, grilled fish and steak, polenta and so many other drooling foods.

In your trip to Johannesburg you will have warm welcome from the hotel and local people. There are airlines like Swiss Air, British Airways, Air India, Lufthansa and many more to transport safely to Johannesburg that too in a pocket friendly price.

Mike Thomas is a travel explorer, consultant and renowned blogger. He travels almost 10,000 miles every year to different corners of the world and shares his experience, adventures and stories in T- Holland Travel Guide for more than one year.